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Might there be any moving companies to Vienna who are browsing this forum and will respond to my inquiry? Within the next two months, I plan to move from my current residence at Marseilles, France, to Vienna, Austria. The move is not exactly that great of a distance. However, it is one that I must retain the services of professionals who can complete the job both efficiently and economically.

Since this will be my first international move, is there any advice you can offer that will assist me to plan for my move? Are there any preferred methods to packing that will afford my possessions the necessary protection from damage? Is it possible for your company to send a representative to my current residence and explain each of the options that are available to me for this move? Will your representative also be able to provide a quote at that time?

I have included my direct email address with this forum. Please send information about your company's moving services to this address. Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

Name: Bayard Faudree

Country: Austria

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