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I am moving from my home near to Rome, Italy next month and I need to contact moving companies to Paris, France who can complete this move. As I will be moving from home so that I can attend the university, this will be my first international move. Is there anything that I must do to be prepared for this move? What I mean is how must I pack my belongings so they will not be damaged while moving?

Can I purchase moving supplies from your company? How much do the moving supplies cost if I purchase them from you? I can estimate that I will need near to 25 boxes. Will your company provide the proper padding that will protect my furniture from being scratched? Should I be prepared to pay any taxes or fees when my possessions cross into France?

Will your company both load my possessions at my home and then deliver them to my new home in Paris? Or will some other company complete the move in France? I do appreciate your sending me this information.

Name: Karisa Quagliata

Country: France

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