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International Air cargo to Indonesia

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Hello and thank you for responding to my inquiry. I must request information about international air cargo to Indonesia. I am shipping a crate that contains a small machine from our factory here in Lithuania. We do not require express services, but we will appreciate it if you can deliver this machine as soon as possible.

The crate is 122 cm in length. It is also 76 cm wide and 61 cm in depth. Its weight is slightly more than 56 kilograms. Will you be able to provide an estimate as to how much it will cost for us to ship this air cargo with your company? Do you offer a tracking method for this shipment so that we may monitor its progress? This is a customer request, which is why I have asked. Will you please send your shipping information to the email address I have included here? This is the quickest method for us to receive it and we want to ship this right away. Thank you for sending this to us and for your prompt reply.

Name: Kofryna Taris

Company: Yblenski

Country: Indonesia

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