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I am in need of information from moving companies to Marseilles, France, can provide. If your company provides this service, then please contact me through the email address I have included with this forum. I am planning this move to take place within the next 3 to 4 weeks. The move will commence from my present residence at Berlin, Germany. So the distance is not too great. However, there is still much planning to complete.

Before I even begin to pack, I must ask if there are any special considerations or methods that I must use to pack for this move? Does your company provide packing services? Can I purchase moving supplies through your company? If I can buy these supplies through your company, can I get them at a discount?

Will you have someone visit my home and assess the amount of work involved for my move? Is that person also authorized to provide me with an estimate of how much you will charge me for this move? Thanks for sending this information. Please also include when your company can begin work on my move as well.

Name: Gottfrid Friedmann

Country: France

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