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Although I currently reside at Riverside, California, in the United States, I have always wanted to live in a country that I feel in love with many years ago. I am not at a time in my life that I have the opportunity to fulfill my dream. So I am here to ask for information from moving companies to Madrid, Spain, who can complete my move.

I would enjoy having this move completed within the next couple of months. How soon can you begin working on my move? When will you have my move completed? Since I have never moved internationally, I must also ask if you can advise me of approved packing methods. Does your company make moving supplies available for me to purchase? How much do you charge for the moving supplies, or are they included in the total moving price?

There are so many questions that I have. Therefore, I will hold any further questions until I have reviewed the material that you send to my email address. Would you also include your direct contact information in that email? Thanks.

Name: Brent Lucas

Country: Spain

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