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Yes, I am moving to take a job assignment with a new company, and I need information from moving companies to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am moving from my current location at Madrid, Spain. How many international moves have your company completed? Do you have references that I may inquire to that may describe their experiences with your company?

I am supposed to be available at my new job by the end of next month. Can your company complete my international move within this period of time? Does your company provide a packing service? Will you include the moving supplies whether you do the packing or I do it? How much do you charge for the packing service, and for the moving supplies?

Must I carry some type of insurance on my belongings that will provide some sort of protective coverage while they are in transit between countries? Can I purchase that coverage from you, or is that made available by a different company?

Name: Fortuno Barrientos

Country: Saudi Arabia

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