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I am going to be moving my car business, Midus Touch Car Care, from its current location in Athens to Naples. I take possession of the new place in three weeks time so I need to find a good moving company that we are comfortable within the next two weeks as we need this to happen as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

We are going to need to move quite a bit of heavy equipment that we use to work on cars as well as a serious of tools and tool boxes, benches and other garage items, most all of which is on the heavy end as far as weight goes. We also have a computer system that will need to be moved as well as some light furniture for the waiting area like tables and chairs and a television. I am hoping to find a few companies that can accommodate this move. Thank you for getting back to me quickly!

Name: Savvas Barklay

Company: Midus Touch Car Care

Country: Italy

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