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Hello. I am making moving arrangements for one of our employees that is transferring from their current location at Rome, Italy. I have the need to connect with moving companies to St. Petersburg, Russia, who can complete this move. If your company can provide this international moving service, please contact me through this forum and send me information about your company's moving services.

When will your company be available to begin work on this move? Will you be the only company that will participate in this move? Or will a different company complete the delivery at St. Petersburg? Are there any items that are prohibited from entering Russia? What is the necessary customs information that will apply to an international move from Italy? Must we pay any taxes or fees on property that is being shipped into Russia?

Does your company provide packing services? Will you also provide the moving supplies? Can you send me an estimate of your typical moving charges between these two locations? Thank you for sending this information.

Name: Lothario Gigante

Company: Portinio

Country: Russia

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