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Hello. I seek both information and the retention of services from moving companies to Zurich, Switzerland. I am planning to move next month, so I will also appreciate it if you can send this information to me right away. I think that emailing it to me will be the quickest, and I have included my direct email address with this forum for this purpose.

When will you be able to start work on this move? Do you provide packing services? Do you include the moving supplies in your initial cost estimate? Or are either or both of these services charged extra? I also have a standard sized piano to move. What is your charge for moving a piano? I should add that the piano is on the second floor. Will there be an additional charge for that?

Can you make any recommendations of how I should prepare for this move since it is an international move as it will originate at Paris, France. Thanks for responding to my inquiry as soon as possible.

Name: Bob Salber

Country: Switzerland

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