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My company is preparing to move some of our equipment to a different location in anticipation of expanding our services. My reason for posting to this forum is to request information from moving companies to Chennai International Airport. Of course, the moving company we seek will have the available resources and the experience to handle commercial moves.

What experience does your company have that includes commercial moving? We are moving this equipment from its current location at Bilbao, Spain. How soon can your company begin working with us on this move? What advice can you offer that will enable us to prepare this equipment for the move? Should we include this equipment in wooden crates? If so, do you supply the crates? Or must we build them ourselves? If you supply them, what would our cost be? Will you send an employee over to make an estimate and provide us with a quote of your moving charges? Will that employee also be able to provide us with time that you will deliver this equipment to Chennai International? Thanks for contacting us about our inquiry.

Name: Martinez Altamirano

Company: Bartnolia

Country: India

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