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After giving this much thought and consideration, I have decided to accept a job offer that will provide me with the challenge that I have been seeking. However, there is something that I must do in order to begin this job. I must make an international move. Therefore, I seek information from moving companies to Copenhagen, Denmark.

What is the best way for me to plan for this international move? How many companies must I retain to complete this move? How will my furnishings and belongings be shipped? By the way, I am moving from my current residence at New York City, New York, in the United States. So yes, this is a big move for me to make. Do you have information about how my possessions should be documented for customs? Is it required, or only recommended, that I carry insurance on my possessions?

Is it possible for you to tell me when you can begin work on my move? Can you also tell me when you will have this move completed? Thank you for making this information available.

Name: Glenn Baker

Country: Denmark

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