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I am very excited to be moving to Dublin! I have just been accepted into an overseas graduate program there so I will be studying in Ireland, based out of Dublin, for the next eighteen months, which will be such an adventure for me. I am currently in Lake Charles, Louisiana so this move will be International, obviously, so please only respond if you are able to help with these kinds of situations.

I am not going to be moving any furniture as the apartment I am going to be renting is furnished. But I will have about four dozen boxes of things to be moved like my computer, books, clothes and other personal items. I assume that I will need to fill out some Customs forms, but I don't know what they are so please indicate a list of what I need to have ready for you before we do this. I would like to move in the next six weeks if possible.

Name: Carlie Martus

Country: Ireland

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