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Although I am originally from the United Kingdom (UK), I have lived in India for the past several years, and have come to call it my home. My working assignment is being changed from my current location here in New Delhi. Therefore, I seek the services of moving companies to Mumbai, who can complete my current relocation.

I will have the furnishings and other belongings that complete a 2 bedroom home. Since I have nothing that should create any additional work for your workers, I will ask if you can tell me what is your typical moving charges for a move of this distance? Do you provide the packing service? Or must I package my belongings myself? What will be your charge for packing? Will you also provide the packing supplies? I would think this should include the boxes and padding. What would be your charges just for the packing supplies?

I have included my direct email address to this forum. I will appreciate your sending it there as it is the fastest communication method. Thank you for making this information available to me.

Name: Jeremy Carter

Country: India

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