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I am going to be moving soon to take up a new job with Boots and Such Apparel. I am going to be working out of their Milan location which is their main hub and I am supposed to be reporting for work on April 15th. And seeing how I live in Roubiax, Belgium, I am going to need to find a moving company that handles these kinds of International moves specifically and knows about the Customs process and which routes to take, etc.

It will just be me making the move as I am not married. The only furniture I have to make the move will be my bed, a dresser and nightstand, and a couch and love seat set. I will have about five dozen boxes that will need to be relocated as well which will have things like books and clothes and dishes and such in them. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you!

Name: William Pardon

Company: Boots and Such Apparel

Country: Italy

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