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Only serious inquiries please! I need to find a moving company to get my and my wife to Cape Town, South Africa in the next three weeks. I have been offered a pretty cherry position as a guide there and my wife can work from home, so her job is not a problem to move. The only catch to this job offer is that I need to be moved and ready to start by April first to the clock is ticking!

Thankfully, I do not believe we have all that much to move from a logistics stand point. We have a four poster bed and two dressers that we would like moved as well as a dining set, Beyond those we will just have boxes of our personal items like our dishes and books and clothes. Please let me know if we can expect to pay any fees or duties on these pieces of furniture as that may help us determine whether to bring them into the country or try to sell them before we move.

Name: Joe Peterson

Country: South Africa

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