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Hi there. I am going to be moving to Stockholm this summer so need to find a moving company that can help me get there. I currently live in Florence, Italy where I have been studying art history for the past four years. I have made a home for myself here, but there are not that many material items that I will want to take with me so i am hoping this move will be pretty straight forward and not be all that cumbersome- both for you, the moving company, and for me.

Even though there are not that many things to move, I will have some pieces of art that I will be moving with me that are very near and dear to me. For this reason, I will need some insurance on my art, as well as possibly my other items, when I ship them please. I realize that this will be an additional fee, but please indicate what that will be when you respond. Thanks.

Name: Tracey Lynn Smith

Country: Sweden

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