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Transportation Logistics Inc has been happily operating in our Montevideo, Uruguay office for over ten years now. Thanks to tremendous growth in our business and some opportunities on the horizon, the time has come to relocate though. We are going to be moving our headquarters all the way to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and we need to find a good, reliable moving company to help us do just that.

We are actually going to be buying the the building where we will be located so we do not need to worry about rent increases and such. (We will be concerned with tax increases, but that is another story for another day.) We will be signing the final paperwork for the buy out in four weeks so we would like to schedule the move for soon after that time. I can send a complete list of our office furniture and items to be moved if that will help you get a proposal together better. Just ask for more details if you have questions.

Name: Glenda Folger

Company: Transportation Logistics Inc

Country: Brazil

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