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I am looking for some moving help. I am going to be moving from Bangkok, Thailand to Tokyo, Japan soon and therefore I need to make arrangements to have my things moved from one house to the other.

On May 20th, I will be getting the keys to my new house in Tokyo. I would like to have my things delivered to my new home on the 21st. Please work backwards from that date to figure out the best date to picked up my belongings for transport to Tokyo and advise me of that timing. I am not flexible on the May 21st delivery date but I am very flexible on the front end for the pick up.

Insurance for my things will be required so if you are applying for this job, make sure you let me know what is involved with that piece of the moving puzzle and the cost associated with it. Thank you for your interest in this job and I look forward to reading your proposals.

Name: Allison Berkshire

Country: Japan

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