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Being There Makes a Difference Outreach Centers is the go to telemarketing company that helps with non profits and making a difference during critical fundraising times for companies of all specialties. We are currently headquartered in Cali but we going to be opening up another location in Bogata in June of this year. We need to find a moving company that can help us get some furniture and equipment over to the new office space at that time so we are all set up and good to.

We get the keys to the new space on June first so we would ideally like to be moving in on the second, if that works our for timing. We will need things like desks, chairs and computers to be moved there. We do not need help packing up our items as most are all ready to go now. We would, however, like to have the movers help with the unpacking once we get to the new space though if that works for you guys. Thank you for responding so quickly.

Name: Harry Binds

Company: Being There Makes a Difference Outreach Centers

Country: Colombia

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