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Wanted: a moving company to Vilnius. I specifically need a moving company that can handle a fairly large scale personal move. It is myself, my wife and our five daughters that are going to be moving there because of my job. We are currently in San Marino in Italy and we live in a fairly large house here, which is why I said the move is going to be a bit extensive.

We will be requiring some help with the packing of our house as well as the unpacking once we get there. There are a few things we will do the unpacking of ourselves, like our books, as my wife likes to have them in a special order in the study. Beyond a few random items, we would like to have that service added onto the move to help us out. As you can imagine, with five small girls running around, it will be best to get this move done quickly so we can start getting into a routine.

Name: Andy Walker

Country: Lithuania

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