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Hi there. Hopefully someone can help me on this site as I have been having a hard time finding some companies that can so far. My husband and I are going to be moving to Thessalonika this summer and need to procure a moving company to help make the move.

We are currently in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and we live in a three bedroom home, if that gives you an indication of what needs to be moved. We have bedroom sets, dining room furniture, living room seating and other tables and hutches. beyond the furniture, we will have maybe a hundred boxes of dishes, art work, knick knacks and other household items that will need to be moved as well.

Finally, we have an older vehicle that we would like to take with us but don't know if it is really worth the effort or expense. It is several years old and I assume the taxes on it will be fairly high so please advise what I need to know so we can decide if it is coming with us or if we should sell it before we move. Thank you.

Name: Tanya Potter

Country: Greece

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