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Good afternoon. Next month I will be moving to Beijing to be closer to my wife's family. My wife and I need to find a moving company that can help move us from our home in Hong Kong to Beijing in a safe manner.

We have a three bedroom home here in Hong Kong which we will be renting out in our absence. All of the furniture will be coming with us to Beijing though so there will be a considerable amount to move in the way of furnishings. We will also have an estimated one hundred boxes of books, clothes, electronics and other household items like dishes and such that will need to be moved as well. Additionally, we have an elliptical exercise machine that we will taking with us as well.

Please advise of what your projected time table will be from start to finish. We would like to keep the amount of time that we are without our belongings to a minimum if possible. Thank you.

Name: Marvin Lancaster

Country: China

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