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Hi there. I am going to be moving to Tallinn in July and I need to find a moving company that can help me get there. At the present time I am in Belize City, Belize so this will be an International move, if that makes a difference to your company or the price.

This tiny one bedroom apartment that I have been living in for the past year does not have all that much space which will make the move fairly easy, I think. i do have some light furniture, like my bed and a couch, that will need to be move. beyond those, it will just be personal items like clothes and books and such.

I can do all the packing and unpacking myself so I will not need those services. I will, however, want to have some insurance taken on my items before I ship for safety reasons so please advise about that feature and the costs associated.

Name: Ben Longhorn

Country: Estonia

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