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Good morning all. I need some help with an up coming move. I am living in Barcelona, Spain right now but am going to be heading to Santiago, Chile to be closer to my family. My mother is getting up there in age and I would like to be closer to help out with the house, errands, doctor's visits and just generally be there more to reconnect with her.

It will be my wife and I that will be making the move to South America from here in Europe. We have a quaint two bedroom cottage on the outskirts of town here in Barcelona and we are going to renting it out. We are planning on taking all the furniture with us though so please take that into account when getting your price quotes together.

Also, we do have a small sedan we would like to have moved as well. Neither of us have done vehicle shipping previously so do not know the procedure for doing so. Please advise. Thank you for your time.

Name: Stan Smithers

Country: Chile

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