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Good afternoon. I am going to be heading to Reykjavik, Iceland to study and I need help with the move please. I was told that this site can get me in front of a lot of shipping and moving company so I hope that assessment is correct because I am looking for a good deal here as I can not afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars to move.

I will be moving from Port Elizabeth, South Africa so this will be an International move if that helps to narrow down the prospect field a bit. I live in a two bedroom home here with furniture in every nook and cranny. I can, however, leave some of the furniture here with my brother if that will help with the cost significantly. Maybe a chart of the price to ship certain things would be helpful? Or even a ball park to see what I am looking at as far as moving all the furniture would be helpful. Thanks.

Name: Jim Harpoon

Country: Iceland

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