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Excess personal baggage to Malta

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Hi there. I am going to be traveling to Malta this spring and am looking at some options to ship some excess baggage there. The air lines all charge an arm and a leg to check bags now so I will only be carrying on a bag of important items such as my medicines, my contacts and other personal affects that I can not loose, no matter what.

I think I will have two large suitcases that I would like to ship in addition to this with clothes for my trip (I will be visiting family there for three weeks) and some accessories like shoes and handbags. None of the items in the bags I would like to ship will be irreplaceable, per say, but I would like to get some insurance on them just in case anything happens to them.

If you could please respond with any information on shipping options for my bags, that would be greatly appreciated. Also please let me know what kind of time frame we are looking at so I can factor that in my plans too. Thank you.

Name: Isabella Monte

Country: Malta

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