Moving from Chachoengsao to Bangkok, Thailand
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Moving from Chachoengsao to Bangkok, Thailand

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To whom it may concern,
Hello! I was just wondering if it were possible, and if so, how much it would be to pack some of my house hold items and place them in your storage in Bangkok for a few months? I live in Chachoengsao as of now, but will be moving to Bangkok, but am not sure where as of yet I will be teaching permanently until late July or early August. At that time when I finally decide where I'm going to live, I will need my belongings to be sent to my residence!
Is there any possibility to give an estimate on what I have given you on my list?
Queen Bed Frame/Mattress
42" Pan Flat Screen Tv 
Lg. Kitchen Cabinet
Md. Living room Cabinet
Sm Kit. Shelf
Sm Child's Desk
4 Plastic Chairs
4 Plastic Stools
3 Rolling Matts
2 Sm Shelves
1 Lg Mirror
Maybe about 5 to 6 lg boxes or possibly more!
Pots, pans, silverware, bowls, plates, glasses, and etc... (breakables)
Clothes, towels, and etc...
Bedding, pillows, comforters, and etc...
School supplies, books, crafts, and etc...
Bags, luggage's, purses, and etc.  
Very Respectfully,
Maria Andrea

Name: Maria Andrea

Company: Moving City to City

Country: Thailand

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