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Good afternoon. Next month, I am going to be moving to Port Au Prince, Haiti from here in Guatemala. I am in a small town here called Senahu and am excited about moving to a larger city such as Port Au Prince. That being said, I am a little overwhelmed with the task of moving Internationally so am looking for some help and guidance in this move, which has led me to this site where I can hopefully find just that.

It is just me making the move- no girlfriend or pets of anything. I have a bedroom set and a couch that I would like to take along with me, but no other furniture items. I will have about four dozen boxes of dishes, clothes and books and such that will need to be moved as well. Please let me know what price point I am looking at and what sort of lead time you need for pick up to delivery. Thank you for your help.

Name: Brian Heart

Country: Haiti

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