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Hi there. I am going to be moving to Muscat, Oman from here in Panama City, Panama next month and I would like to find an International moving company that can help me with all the logistics of this.

I am in a four bedroom home here in Panama but I have three room mates so it seems a bit misleading. The only big furniture I am going to be taking with me is my bedroom furniture and a small coffee table. Everything else I am leaving or selling here before I leave. I will have boxes of personal items as well that will need to be moved.

I will be doing all the packing and unpacking so please do not include that in your price quote. Also, I am interested in having some tracking information while my things are being shipped so please let me know how that works with your company and if there is any additional fee for doing that or something.

Name: Becky Redmond

Country: Oman

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