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Good afternoon. I am going to be moving to Islamabad, Pakistan next month and am looking for a moving company o help me with that. I am currently living in El Progreso, Honduras where I have lived for the past seven years. It will actually be my wife and I making the move to Islamabad as well as our cat. The cat is going to be coming on the plane with us though so you need not worry about anything involving him.

We are in a two bedroom home here in El Progreso. We have a bedroom set, living room furniture, a dining room table with eight chairs, and a few other odds and ends to be moved as far as furniture goes. We will also have about five doze boxes of things to be moved as well. Examples of things to be in the boxes are clothes, dishes, photos and knick knacks from around the house.

Name: Lance Darronson

Country: Pakistan

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