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Goof morning. Next month I am going to be moving to Lahore, Pakistan to be closer to my family. Currently I am in Bandar E Abbas, Iran so this will be moving Internationally if that makes a huge difference to the moving companies reading this.

I have been renting a small one bedroom apartment here so I do not have all that much that I need to move, in my opinion. I have a bed, a dresser and three arm chairs that I would like to take along with a small table and four wooden chairs. I will also have a number of boxes- maybe three dozen or so- that will have all of my personal belongings in them. Even though I would not like to be without my things for an extended period of time, I am definitely open to having things take the slow route to get to me if that will save me a bit of money. Just let me know what my options are for timing and we can go from there. Thanks.

Name: Donna Autumn

Country: Pakistan

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