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Moving companies for business purposes in Egypt

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Good evening. I am with PLL Factors and I am in search of a moving company within Egypt. We are based out of Cairo but have a satellite office down in Aswan. We are going to be moving three of our key employees down to that office to help spiff things up around there. I need to find a moving company that can help relocate them and their families by the end of July please.

All three of the employees are married so you will be moving their spouses as well. Only one of them has any children (two sons, both under the age of five) as well. They all live in downtown Cairo right now and we have made arrangements for their new homes in Aswan right by the new office they will be reporting to for convenience sake. Along with your price quote, please let me know what sort of time frame your company is dealing with for a move like these will be. Thank you.

Name: Gregory Larson

Company: PLL Factors

Country: Egypt

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