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Good afternoon. Next month, I am going to be moving to Montevideo, Uruguay from here in Merida, Venezuela. I am currently interviewing moving companies tat can help me with this move. Since I am moving Internationally, I know that my options are a tad more limited as opposed to if I was just moving down the street which is why I am doing some serious research on all interested companies that wish to help me with this move.

I do not have all that much furniture that I will be taking with me. In fact, it is just going to be a bedroom set, a couch, a dining room table and a small coffee table that will be coming along. I am planning on buying everything else once I get down there and get settled. I will have a fair amount of boxes of clothes and personal items that will need to be moved though so please take that into account.

Name: Karen Flannigan

Country: Uruguay

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