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Good morning. I am going to be moving to San Jose this summer and am hoping to find some moving help on this site. I am currently living in Belem, Brazil. It will technically be two people moving, my wife and myself, if that makes a huge difference.

We live in a small two bedroom bungalow here so I do not think we have all that much to be moved in the ways of furniture. We do have a pretty bulky queen size bed though that does not break down much so that may be the only big problem as far as the furnishings go. The dinging room table, for instance, breaks down by unscrewing the legs of it for easier shipping.

Anyways, I am thinking that a home visit to scope out what we are taking and what we are not may make the most sense. Just let me know what works for your schedule and we will adjust ours accordingly. Thank you.

Name: Greg Hotzer

Country: Costa Rica

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