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Hi there. I am going to be moving to Buenos Aires this summer and I am looking for a moving company to help me. It is actually going to be me and my boyfriend that are going to be moving there, if that makes much of a difference. We are able to move into our new place on July third so anytime on that date or after works great on this end. Obviously we would like to move pretty close to the date though so we are not paying rent on a vacant place for long.

Right now we are renting a two bedroom home in Santiago, Chile but we are going to be moving into a one bedroom home. Juts in case we need it, we would like to know some information about storage units close to our new space if you know of any. We would also like to know what sort of time frame we are looking at to be without our things so that we can pack accordingly and make whatever arrangements that we need. Thanks.

Name: Paula Pounds

Country: Argentina

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