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Creation of a moving checklist requires some brainstorming, review, and prioritization, but moving house involves a lot of details that absolutely must get done.

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Don't forget to include such obvious items as setting an actual moving date and arranging transfer of utilities. Be specific. If a task entails multiple steps and/or items, write all of them down and plan target dates for completion.

Include decision making deadlines in your moving checklist. You should be comparing movers, their services, and prices 4 weeks in advance. Allow enough time so that multiple cost estimates can be prepared and a decision for a plan of action can be made far in advance. Enough leeway allows reworks of and additions your moving checklist as necessary.

A moving checklist should be reviewed and reworked daily. Mark things with a code to indicate importance of the task and check them off once done. 'A' items are critical and must be done on or before the specified date. 'B' items are important but don't necessarily have to be done right now. 'C' items are less important, belong at the bottom of your moving checklist, and include items that you would like to get done but are not critical before the move.

A 'C' rated errand can become a 'B' task depending upon what happens during the moving process. A 'B' moving checklist item can transform into an 'A' rated duty should it take too long to complete. Such an assignment might be to call for confirmation that the movers will arrive next Tuesday at 8:00 A.M. Assume nothing and keep a record of everything you have done so far in moving house to avoid last minute scrambling!

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