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Moving a household with or without the aid of moving companies has oftentimes been quoted as one of the more horrendous experiences. The whole process of moving, packing, comparing moving companies, and eventually trusting strangers to handle the transfer of our belongings is understandably nerve-wrecking for most of us.

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The core of the problem lies in the fact that the majority of humankind does not manage to have enough practice in this field over a life cycle to master the moving process to its full. In other words, most of us could easily count with five fingers the number of times the question of moving has come up on our agenda, and even less so when international moving has been brought up. The bottom line, since it seems we are all rookies in this business, it is absolutely necessary to learn to play smartly and make the right choices. The hardest part is to know which moving companies you can trust and which you should avoid.

At Movingtodos we heed to the needs of our buyers seeking easy and simple moving solutions. We thus offer a Free service designed to help you easily identify and compare relevant moving companies, specializing in a wide scope of worldwide moving activities and extra services, ranging from national and international moving, home furniture moving with packing-and-stacking and door-to-door transport services. To start comparing top moving companies with Free quotes, fill out a request form and get the most competitive quotes from several reputable moving companies that will go at great length to offer you their expertise in moving goods, should you choose them over their competitors.

How to recognize good Moving Companies?

Abundance of moving companies nowadays does not make it easy on us to choose the right company. But, there are still some basic parameters that can give you an idea whether you are on the right track.

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When you've narrowed down your search to 2-3 moving companies, do not merely check their quotes, but look into what they offer in return for the quoted price. Moving companies, today, offer much more on top of their basic moving competencies. So, it's always good to decide what other services, if any, you are likely to need. Some moving companies will go as far as cleaning your house, unpacking everything, assembling your furniture, and arranging your belongings in a way you find most suitable.

Always think out of the box when you are factoring in the overall costs. In some instances, it might be worth to pay a little more and get more services and less worries, rather than saving every penny and ending up frustrated doing the chores yourself. Going always for the cheapest fare is not always the smartest move.

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How long a moving company has been in business is a legitimate question to ask under the circumstance, since you need to know how experienced and credible the company is. Compile as much information about the company as you can and then compare it against the SaferSys, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) website, which can reveal useful details about licensing and authorization of the moving company in question.

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