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Finding a good moving company is a much more complex task than first meets the eye. We all know all too well that moving from one place of residence to another, for all sorts of reasons, can be a stressful, as well as expensive experience. It goes without saying that the further you move, the more money consuming it is and the more precaution you will have to assume.

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At we want to spare you the necessity of handling these crucial matters all alone and without proper guidelines at hand. We have an extensive network of highly reputable moving company providers that are ready to offer you competitive Free quotes for professional moving service. All you need to do is choose the best from the best.

You can start comparing price quotes of moving companies, by filling out one form, posting it on, and shortly company representatives will get back to you with their offerings. Our sophisticated system matches requirements you have specified in the request form with the potential moving company providers that meet you budget limits and services. Our moving company service providers work on a global scale offering comprehensive moving services that embrace household moving, home furniture moving, national and international moving, moving and storage services, as well as packing-and-stacking and door-to-door transport services.

Moving Company Pitfalls

To save you from some of the more nightmarish moving pitfalls, we'll impart a few words of advice on how to properly maintain a screening process and successfully weed out good companies from the bad ones.

While sometimes it makes sense to move your goods by yourself, more times than not the circumstances won't allow you to make it happen. If that's the case, you better learn how to identify a reliable and experienced moving company.

Check the website of SaferSys which is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) website. This is the place to verify whether the information you received from your moving company is credible or not.
  • Type in the search area of the site the DOT license number a moving company representative gave and see whether it corresponds to the one appearing on the site.
  • Check whether the company's address and phone number are the same ones you have.
  • Look at the fields of 'Power Units' and 'Drivers,' which should give a pretty good indication as to the size of the moving company you are dealing with.
  • Pay close attention to another field called 'MCS-150 From Date,' which should reveal the date when the license was applied for.
  • If you are seeking international moving companies, look at the field of 'Carrier Operations,' which should be marked with X next to 'International,' or 'Interstate.' The absence of X means that the company is not authorized for international moving ventures.
  • A good indicator to look at would be the inspection record. Remember, if the moving company claims to be an experienced company and it has no inspection record, something is fishy.

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