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Don't forget you have to get all the moving supplies for your upcoming move. You will need boxes, tape, china packages, packing lists and more.

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Are you moving? Everyone knows how stressful relocation can be, whether you are switching residence for work, to be closer to family, or simply because you want a change of scenery! You can take the hassle out of your move by planning ahead and following a few simple steps:

Use a moving checklist. If you create a comprehensive list of everything that has to be done prior to moving it will help you keep on track. Some things can be done in advance, while others will need to be scheduled the week of your move. Make sure to arrange moving supplies for packing all your belongings. Remember about moving boxes, bubble wrap, sealing tape, and a permanent box marker.

Give yourself some overlap. While no-one wants to be paying rent or a mortgage on two residences at once, having to be out of one home and into the next on the same day isn't really practical. Overlap of at least a week is advised to ensure your new home is fully set up with utilities turned on.

Don't forget your pets' needs. Many people leave moving their pets until last, and end up scrambling to deal with ensuring there is adequate supervision and a foolproof enclosure. Consider boarding your pets during the week of your move.

Home offices can be particularly tricky during a relocation. If you work from home, you'll definitely need the overlap time mentioned above to ensure you can shift your workspace quickly and efficiently. Vacation time can be used if needed to allow you time to deal with your move. Be sure to get moving supplies and organize your work documentation before your move.

If you use a moving checklist and keep in mind that moving almost always takes longer than anticipated, you'll save yourself a lot of anxiety and stress!

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