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Removal of Excess Property vs., Moving

Removal of excess inventories for companies or personal property for individuals are big business. What if you are not actually moving but need to relocate some or all of your property? Removal services cater to such situations. Often these companies still move whole households and/or businesses, yet they can also help move such items as luggage while traveling from one destination or terminal to the next.

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In addition, removal include many varieties of specialized moving activities including storage and cleanup. For the high end market, it includes services that many simply would not normally think about unless they were accustomed to repeated, long distance moves.

Excess baggage for example can be shipped through alternate routes according to your specifications. Some businesses can simply get rid of the items you no longer need. Typically, removal services are broad based firms that deal, at least in part, with international moves.

This is especially true for most US organizations because the term "removal" is primarily European. An American would likely just call it moving. In the southern United States, removal refers to disposal services such as getting rid of an old refrigerator or of tree stumps in the yard. Other people from around the world would have broader perspectives on the term "removal" based on cultural experience.

It's important to note that the two terms are similar in most places and are somewhat equivalent within the industry as a whole. Movers generally relocate households from one location to another. Removals are often targeted toward a wider transportation market.

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